Now that you have seen what the car looks like
before and after a body off restoration, through photo
documentation we will take you through the entire
process from start to finish.


To show you the true detail involved in a
restoration of this type it is important to see what
the whole car looked like before we started work. A
good paint job will make the car look good from the
outside we make the car look great no matter
where you are looking.


Since this is a body-off restoration we prepare to
pull the body. We have fabricated mounting brackets
in-house that we use to lift the body by it’s
“birdcage”, the frame of the body.


Once the body is pulled we set the body on
racks that we have designed and built in-house.
These racks are adjustable so that we can put
any year body, from 1953 to 1982 on one of our

This is our first chance to get a good look at the
whole frame. Checking over it’s condition and
possible points of repair.
This is also our first chance to examine the body. With
the frame off we can determine any repair work that will
be necessary.
Here we can also see the build number “154” and some options that the car
had. “A” is actually “AC” representing air conditioning and “PB” is power
brakes. This lets us know if the options on the car belong there. The build
number is also located on the back of the car, just in front of where the gas
tank would be located.
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