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Body-off Restorations

If you want your Corvette to look great anywhere you look a body-off
 restoration is the only way to go. We have experience doing body-off
 restorations in cars as early as 1953 and as late as 1982. Below you
 will have a chance to take a trip through one of a few of our restorations
 from start to finish. We have started to photo document every restoration
 that we do so the customer can have a step by step process of there car
 becoming one of the nicest Corvettes in the country.

Here are just a few of the cars we have done in the past.

John Huibregtse had
us restore his 1959
283 ci 270 hp car. Itís
first show was the fall
Chevy Vettefest
where it took home a
Gold Spinner. This is
truly one of the nicest
59 Corvettes in all of
the Country.




Bruce Shumway had us restore
this 1963 that was powered by a
GM Performance Parts ZZ4 crate
motor. Not quite a resto-rod but an
interesting car none the less.
Bruce also received a Gold
Spinner at the fall Chevy
Vettefest. We had to do a little
fabrication to fit stock style
chambered side exhaust to the
shorty headers but it turned out
very nice and sounded great.


Here are the body drop pictures of a
1967 327 ci 300 hp air conditioned
coupe with side pipes, and power
steering. Marshall and Diane Peebles
have been enjoying this car ever since
we finished the restoration almost 2
years ago.



John R. had us restore his
1965 convertible, John has the
original engine but we installed a
350 that has a little more kick
than the stock 327ci 350hp
engine. John hasnít put many
miles on the car yet but he plans
on changing that when he has a
little more time to enjoy his
toys. This is another great
example of how you can
personalize a restoration to
meet your needs, the 63 above
is clearly not a run of the mill
split window, but this car has a
little more grunt but youíd never
know by just looking at it.

Photo Documentation of Restorations

The cars below will take you to a separate page that will show you the
restoration process from start to finish. Also we will be adding new pictures
from time to time of restorations that are currently going on at the shop as
you read this. There may be a little time between updates (especially in the
summer months) but we would like you to stop back from time to time to
see what we are up to. Also if you decide to do a restoration with us you will
be able to keep track of our progress through the website, and show your
friends and family where your moneyís being invested.

To take a Photo Tour of one of the restorations below just click
on the photo or the title below the photo.


Harold Trusky's 1969 427ci - 400 hp
Air Conditioned Coupe
Completed October 6th 2004

1966 427ci - 425 hp
Completed December 17th 2004



Dennis & Tootie Hallís 1965 327ci - 375hp
Fuel Injected Coupe
Currently under Restoration

John Thayerís 1967 427ci - 435 hp
Currently under Restoration