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Engine Compartment Detailing
When people look at your Corvette they’ll sometimes ask you
“What’s she got under the hood?” Wouldn’t it be nice to respond
with, “Why don’t I show you?” Let us detail your engine compartment
and they won’t have a chance to ask. Because the hood will always


This particular car went through an engine compartment restoration, the engine was removed and rebuilt, as were it’s components. The carburetor, distributor, and alternator were all rebuilt and reconditioned. However we will get similar results without pulling your engine. The individual components are removed and reconditioned but the engine stays in place. (You may have noticed that we also replaced the single reservoir master cylinder with a dual master cylinder. This has been a popular option with customers with 1963-66 Corvettes who wish to upgrade to the 1967 style dual reservoir master cylinder.)
Here we can see what the engine compartment looks like before the detail work has been performed. There are many different ways to detail your engine compartment and we will recommend a way to get the most out of your dollar. Some cars just need a good cleaning and some touch-up, others need a little more attention. Let us know what your price range is and we will work with-in
After the engine is pulled the engine compartment is taped off and cleaned. Typically we will use engine cleaner/degreaser and a power washer to get the majority of the dirt and grime off. (Electrical components are sealed off or removed for there protection) Then we will clean off any left over residue to ensure a good surface for painting.
Besides the cleaning and painting of the engine compartment we also re-plated the hood latches and accelerator arm. New a-arm dust shields, windshield wiper motor, battery and master cylinder were also installed.
Now that the engine compartment is detailed lets take a look at the engine.
This engine was completely rebuilt, all components were either restored or replaced. Ceramic coating of exhaust manifolds is highly recommended. (How many times have you seen a beautiful engine compartment degraded by rusty manifolds?) The ceramic coating not only looks great but helps reduce engine compartment heat as well.
Pictured here is a 1966 Corvette and this was just one example of an under hood detail. Weather you have a 1953 or a 2003 we can detail your Corvette so your proud to open up the hood and “Show’em what she’s got.” If you have any questions regarding you’re your particular application or about your Corvette in general feel free to drop us an e-mail or call us. We’d love to talk about your project and how we can make your car look even better.