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Front Suspension and Steering Components

Front suspension service typically starts with the A-Arms, the ball joints and bushings are wear items that need periodic service. After arms have been media blasted and powder-coated we rivet in the ball joints, both upper and lower. Then we press in the bushings for a factory correct look, seen in pictures below.




Here are some close ups of the finished
 rivets on the upper and lower ball-joints.

The front spindle assemblies include steering knuckle,
brake backing plate, caliper mount bracket, and the spindle
 itself. Shown here together with the rotor, hub and caliper in place.


Steering boxes and steering columns are disassembled,
 cleaned, media blasted, painted and reassembled. Here is a
 finished example of each.

Power steering units are also a common area of repair, both slave
 cylinders and control valves need service from time to time.

If point judging is in your Corvettes future then our paint marking
 service will help you through that process.
Notice the white markings on the calipers and spindle assembly,
and the yellow markings on the tie rods. This is the correct finish
 for a 1966 each year has itís own color and location of paint

If you donít see a service pictured here we will still be able to help you. Give us a
 call or e-mail us so we can find a way to meet your needs.