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Has your Corvette’s interior been abused, worn out or inhabited? One of our interiors will get your Corvettes inside looking new again.
Here we have a 1965 “barn car” that was taken over by mice, and in desperate need of a whole new interior. We had to completely disassemble the interior from the firewall back to be sure that there wasn’t anything “left-over” from the previous guests. We will show you the steps we take to make interiors showroom fresh.

But first we’ll take a look at a couple of finished interiors from different era’s.
Here is an example of
 an early Corvette, in
 this case a 1959.
Here we have a
1966 Corvette
representing the
second generation.
Last we have a
1969 Corvette
to represent the
third generation.
Note We don’t have a C4 or a C5 pictured but we are experienced in those years as well.

When we have a car that has odors in it such as the 65 above it is necessary to remove
anything that may have odor trapped into it. All carpet, vinyl, and under lament is
removed. Then we have to deodorize, bleach water is used to scrub out the body.
This car also had it’s dash replaced, installed a new wiring harness, and serviced the
heater box. We also restored the glove box, gauge cluster, clock, radio and the assorted
dash knobs. Once the car is free from odor we are ready to put down heat barrier and
under lament. These go on under the carpet to keep heat and road noise to a minimum.
After that we are ready for the rest of the interior.
Above is a good example of what the under lament and heat barrier look like, it is not
the same car that we have been looking at all along. Note: The heat barrier is the white
material you see under the under lament, there is foil on the underside, and heat
resistant material on top.
Here we see the newly restored dash components installed, as well as the carpet, seat
belts and interior trim. Gauge clusters and glove boxes are restored in house, if gauges,
clocks, or radios are in need of replacement or rebuilding we send them out to specialty
shops that will restore and test them to ensure that they are in good working order. Once
we install the dash components, we then install the carpet. After the carpet is in we can
install seats, seat belts, center consoles, and window trim. If we have removed your
steering column, that would be installed at this time. The last step of the interior is typically
the door panels.
Here is an example of what finished door panels look like on a mid-year Corvette, this
is a 1966 convertible.

We also offer restoration of your individual interior components, we see quite a few
steering columns and gauge clusters. (as pictured below) Any component that can be
removed and restored for your convenience. Radios, glove boxes, seat, seat belts, center
consoles, parking brake consoles, rear compartment doors, and window/windshield trim
are all things that could be carried in and reconditioned by us.
For 1968-82 Corvettes we also offer in-dash CD players. This requires modification to
your factory gauge cluster, but allows you to listen to CD’s without installing a changer. For
1953 to 1982 Corvettes we offer a full line of Custom Autosound radios, which will
operate a 10 disc changer. So no matter how old your Corvette is we can find a way for
you to listen to your favorite CD’s while you drive.
What ever your interior needs may be we will find a way to work with you. Give us a call or
drop us an e-mail so we can discuss your Corvettes interior.