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Outside Services
With all of the services that we offer at Corvette Sports we still have some work
that needs to be done outside our shop. Here are some of the examples of work
that is done outside our shop, through us to make your Corvette better.
We work with body shops to make sure that your Corvette gets a finish that will match
our interiors, engine compartments and chassis. But we don’t do any paint or body
work in house. We work closely with four different paint shops depending on the size
of the job and type of work to be done. We will work with you to find a body shop that
will fill your needs.
Powder Coating
Ceramic Coating

We have been using powder coating for Corvette
parts for 15 years, so this isn’t a new practice for
us. All chassis that we restore are powder coated
as well as the suspension components. Ceramic
coatings are a newer technology that we have
been using for the last 5 years. This has been
extremely popular for exhaust manifolds and
headers. Because not only does the finish last
but it also cuts down on the amount of radiant
heat the exhaust gives off into the engine
Chemical Dipping of
Enclosed Parts

This includes but is not limited to
frames, cross members, and
trailing arms. Typically those are
the parts we have dipped since it
is the only way to get rust out of
the box structures. We also dip
the front end supports of 1968-
82 Corvettes.

Chroming and Plating

For a factory look we offer zinc di-chromate
and nickel cadium finishes. Zinc di-chromate
is used on early power brake boosters, front
brake caliper mounting brackets, brake
backing plates, and master cylinder covers.
Nickel cadium is used on hood hardware,
mid year door latches, steering box spanner
nuts, gas tank filler necks and gas caps,
brake backing plates, front caliper mounting
brackets, accelerator arms, and master
cylinder covers. Some plating available
on a core basis

We also offer re-chroming of bumpers, mid-year seat side “hockey sticks”, and midyear
convertible vent window surrounds. Hockey sticks and vent window surrounds available
on a core basis.

From Carter’s to Holley’s and from
Holley’s to Quadra jets, Your carb
will look like new again, the best
part is the carb will work as well as
it looks. No more leaking down
onto the intake, no more hard
starts. A carburetor rebuild adds
a lot to your Corvette.


Clocks and Gauges

For re-facing or rebuilding we have a selection of
gauges and clocks on hand for replacement. We
have most gauges and clocks in stock from 1965 to
1980. Earlier or later model gauges are typically
ordered as you need them. Most clocks and
gauges are on a core basis

Wiper and Headlight

Wiper and headlight motors are
commonly over looked until they
are needed, don’t let this happen
to you. Headlight motors are date
coded, and we typically have at
least one pair in stock.


We also have wiper motors in stock from 1963 to 1987. Wiper motors are on a core

These are just a few of the services that we use on a regular basis when working on
Corvettes, if there is a service that you have been looking for but are unsure if it is avalible,
more than likely we will know if it’s out there. Call or e-mail us so we can help you with what
ever your particular needs are.