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Rear Suspension

The rear suspension of the 63 to 82 Corvette was revolutionary for its time. Independent rear suspension and a limited slip differential all wraped in a fiberglass shell. It was unique to say the least, lets take a look at itís components.


Above is a 1967 big block rear suspension, these pictures clearly show the left and right hand trailing arm assemblies. Included in the trailing arm assembly is the spindle, bearing housing, caliper mounting bracket, and brake backing plate. Also attached to this trailing arm is the rear sway bar assembly. (few cars came with a factory rear sway bar)

To the right we see a trailing arm assembly that was just installed onto a frame. This shows the parking brake assembly and spindle a little more clearly.

Rear trailing arm service includes full disassembly of the arm, reconditioning or replacement of the components (caliper mounting bracket, bearing housing, brake backing plate and spindle), if the arm is in need of repair that is done at this time. Once the arm is powder coated new bushings and studs are installed into the trailing arm. Typically rear wheel bearings are replaced at this time. Once the bearing assemblies are set-up (with special tooling), packed with grease, and resealed, we reassemble the arm. Now is a great time to replace parking brake parts with stainless steal pieces.

The this picture shows the differential, real leaf spring, camber rods, and shock absorbers. This particular car is going to be judged one day so he is keeping the stock leaf spring in the car, typically we replace the leaf spring for a fiberglass mono-leaf spring for better handling and a smoother ride. You may have noticed that this particular chassis is missing the 1/2 shafts.



Here is a picture of a 1981 rear-end assembly, notice the difference in the rear-end cover, in 1980 Chevrolet switched to an aluminum one piece cover that included the rear end cross-member, another change is the fiberglass rear spring. Both components saved weight while improving overall ride quality. The gas shocks shown above are also an improvement to ride quality and performance.


Here is the stand that we use to rebuilt differentials. The limited slip differential gives the Corvette a great traction advantage however it needs to be serviced or that advantage will be lost.

A typical differential rebuild includes removal of the unit, complete disassembly and cleaning of every component. New bearings, seals, and clutch packs are installed, if a gear change is necessary that would be done at this time as well. Pinion depth is re-checked and the unit is reassembled. Media blasting and powder-coating another option as usual.




Half shafts (in red) and camber rods (in blue) are also components that
need attention from time to time.
The half shafts need u-joints serviced and the bushings in the camber
rods need replacement after years of use. Adjustable camber rods are
also available.



If point judging is in your Corvettes future then our paint marking
service will help you through that process.
Notice the green markings on the half shafts and the red and white
markings on the calipers. (Note that this particular car has a
fiberglass mono-leaf spring which would be incorrect for points
judging) The markings however are correct for a 1965 Corvette.

If you donít see a service pictured here we will still be able to help you. Give us a
 call or e-mail us so we can find a way to meet your needs.